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Laser Vision Correction Treatment Options

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There are many types of laser vision correction procedures. Sharper Vision Centers offers the latest vision correction treatment options to fit your unique needs. These are only brief descriptions; please speak with Dr. Oyakawa to learn more about laser vision surgery options.

All-laser LASIK with IntraLase® uses a laser, not a metal blade, to create a more precise flap in the cornea. Learn more about all-laser LASIK with Intralase®

LASEK, Epi-LASIK, and Advanced Surface Ablation are proven procedures for patients with extra-thin corneas or have corneal disease in the front part of the cornea.

Wavefront LASIK/PRK uses a wavefront measuring system to guide the laser in reshaping the eye. We offer:

Allegretto Wave™ wavefront-optimized excimer laser provides highly precise, customized laser vision correction. Learn more about Allegretto Wave™