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Sharper Vision Centers is proud to present each staff member. Dr. Oyakawa has the utmost confidence in saying that every staff member is an expert in the latest technology of eye correction surgery offered. Dr. Oyakawa has invested a great deal of continuing education for the staff. At Sharper Vision Centers, we take pride in combining the latest in vision-correcting technology with one-on-one patient care.

Nydia Raguay, COA

Nydia is our leading ophthalmic technician with over 16 years eye care experience. She has been with Sharper Vision Centers more than ten years. She is a Certified Ophthalmic Assistant (COA) and is working toward her Certified Ophthalmic Technician (COT). She is well versed in managing all aspects of primary eye care. She performs special testing for comprehensive consultations and general patient care and is our specialist for all vision correction evaluations. She also collects data to assist Dr. Oyakawa with patient outcomes. She counsels our refractive surgery patients, having had all-Laser LASIK surgery herself eight years ago by Dr. Oyakawa. In addition to her ophthalmic expertise, she manages our insurance billing, patient accounts, and yes, she's our in-house go-to girl!

Ann Quiñonez, BA

Ann is the office administrator and cataract counselor. She received her BS in Business Administration from CSU, Dominguez Hills. She has 25 years of ophthalmic experience. She has been with Sharper Vision Centers for twelve years and has 15 years experience in medical office management. She started working in ophthalmology in the early days of vision correction radial keratotomy (RK). She has seen the developments in eye care technology throughout the years. She was a clinical trial study coordinator for a principal investigator on the VisxTM mixed astigmatism study in 1999. As a cataract counselor, she can provide you with basic development of the eye and educate you with detailed information to understand presbyopia correcting surgery.

Ray T. Oyakawa, MD, MBA

Dr. Oyakawa is our leader and mentor in ophthalmic treatment and the President of Sharper Vision Centers. In addition to his passion for eye care, he is intrigued by computers and can take apart and put back together the entire network on any given day. We try to keep him away! He was instrumental in the development of our electronic medical records (EMR) software. Efficiency is only one of his many strong points. Dr. Oyakawa (click for detailed bio) is moderately fluent in Japanese and speaks a little Spanish.

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