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Most patients are very satisfied with their new lease on life following laser vision correction. Living free of glasses or contacts can be a life-changing experience. At Sharper Vision Centers, we have the vision-improvement technologies and expertise to provide the best possible outcomes for our patients, with vision improvement options designed to meet their lifestyle needs.

See what patients who have had laser vision correction are saying.

Gabriel Raguay
May 2006
LADARvision® 4000 with CustomCornea® and Intralase®

I enjoy going out in the sun because now I just put on my sunglasses and go. I no longer have to switch from my glasses to my sunglasses. I fumbled a lot before, having to switch to sunglasses when I was in the sun and back to my regular glasses when I went inside a building. Also, when I would go to amusement parks, I had to remove my glasses because they would get wet or there was the possibility of losing them during a freefall. I could never enjoy the view during the rides.

The [surgery] experience was great. Everyone in the office was very professional. Ann walked through the procedure with me, and Nydia was ready to calm my nerves. During the procedure, the staff was very reassuring, and Dr. Oyakawa was very patient and understanding. I definitely would have the procedure done again.

Now, I get to buy cute sunglasses on the spot without having to worry about paying for prescription lenses to be put in them. I’m always ready to take a photo without worrying about taking my glasses off because of glare or worrying that they left marks on my nose or that they will come out looking crooked in the pictures. I feel more confident and definitely do not shy away from the camera like I used to do when I wore glasses. I would recommend this surgery to family members and friends. In the long run, the surgery pays for itself because now I don't have to purchase new glasses, contacts, or cleaning solutions.

Frank Milgram, M.D.
August 2004
Monovision LASIK with LADARvision® CustomCornea® and Intralase®

With my new vision, I enjoy reading, watching TV, sports, going to movies, and dating. My overall experience has been excellent. I have 20/20 vision in both eyes and no longer need eyeglasses. I would have the procedure again. It has been life-changing. I would recommend this surgery to anyone who would like to free themselves from eyeglasses. Dr. Oyakawa is extremely knowledgeable, answers all questions, and is extremely thorough in all aspects of eye care. I felt in good hands having him perform my LASIK surgery. I am a physician, and in my opinion, Dr. Oyakawa is the best ophthalmologist I have ever met.

Ann Bui, PA
April 2006
LASIK with LADARvision®, CustomCornea®, and Intralase®

I enjoy outdoor activities including swimming, snorkeling, running, and hiking. From the consultation through surgery and postop visits, my overall experience was excellent. I've been given my vision back. It’s the best medical decision I’ve made. I would also recommend this surgery to a family member or friend. I received great care before and after surgery. Dr. Oyakawa is very personable and provides excellent care for his patients.

Ann Pirone
November 2007
Allegretto Wave™ and Intralase®

Dear Sharper Vision Centers,

I can’t thank you enough for the amazing job you did on my eyes. It’s been four months now, and every day I appreciate being able to see so clearly without contacts or glasses. It has given me added freedom and was the best money I have spent, worth every penny. I most enjoy concerts, sailing, and going out at night without having to deal with contacts. My overall experience was excellent and your staff has been so friendly and helpful. Dr. Oyakawa is the best by far. I would recommend this surgery to a family member or friend because of the freedom it gives. Thank you! I am so happy!

Shige Oura
February 2008
LASIK with Allegretto Wave™ and Intralase® (right eye) and Crystalens® (left eye)

With my new vision, I enjoy being able to read newspapers, magazines, reports, and anything readable without my glasses. My overall experience was very good because Dr. Oyakawa and his staff are very efficient. I would not choose to have the procedure again because I really don’t need it; everything was correctly done the first time! I have already recommended this surgery to friends.

Adriane Wong
December 2006
LASIK with LADARvision® 4000 and Intralase®

Activities such as reading, driving, playing sports with my child are more enjoyable now, but simply seeing the everyday world around me without having to relay on my glasses or contacts has been a huge change for the better. Surgery with Dr. Oyakawa and his staff was a wonderful experience. The staff was helpful, friendly, and professional. They made me feel comfortable about the procedure, and I definitely felt like I was receiving the best care throughout the entire process. I would definitely do it over again. My vision has improved dramatically. It's actually clearer and sharper than what I saw with glasses or contacts.

I would most certainly recommend Dr. Oyakawa to my family and friends who are interested in having corrective eye surgery with an excellent doctor. I've been wearing glasses or contacts since childhood. I was very nearsighted with a high astigmatism. I was unable to read my alarm clock when I woke up in the morning, make out the details of people's faces from across the room, or see the big "E" on an eye chart without wearing my glasses or contacts. It's been great to actually be able to see everything so clearly now. Having eye surgery was definitely one of the best decisions I've made. Thank you, Dr. Oyakawa!

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