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Nearly all of Dr. Oyakawa’s patients are extremely satisfied with the outcome of their new IOLs. Some corrections can be made to ensure that the patient is happy with their results. At Sharper Vision Centers, we have the vision-improvement technologies and expertise to provide the best possible visual outcomes for our patients, with options designed to meet their lifestyle needs.

See what patients who have had presbyopia correction are saying.

Frank Milgram, M.D.
August 2004
Monovision LASIK with LADARvision® CustomCornea® and Intralase®

With my new vision, I enjoy reading, watching T.V., sports, going to movies, and dating. My overall experience has been excellent. I have 20/20 vision in both eyes and no longer need eyeglasses. I would have the procedure again. It has been life-changing. I would recommend this surgery to anyone who would like to free themselves from eyeglasses. Dr. Oyakawa is extremely knowledgeable, answers all questions, and is extremely thorough in all aspects of eye care. I felt in good hands having him perform my LASIK surgery. I am a physician, and in my opinion, Dr. Oyakawa is the best ophthalmologist I have ever met.

Victoria Cole-Schonlau, DNSC, RN, MPA
May 2007
Bilateral Crystalens® with LRIs

The activities I most enjoy with my new vision? Everything! I enjoy seeing the world in bright white rather than winter white, walking in the rain with my face turned up, and seeing everything without raindrops on glasses. I also enjoy waking without glasses and seeing the alarm clock.

My overall experience was virtually painless and effortless. I saw without glasses the same afternoon! I would absolutely have the procedure done again, in a heartbeat! I would recommend this surgery to a family member or friend and already have!

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