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The healthy human eye can focus sharply on objects that are near, far away, and everything in between. Healthy eyes move easily from one focal zone to another. With cataracts, the natural lens inside the eye becomes discolored and clouded, resulting in hazy or blurred vision at all distances.

How cataracts develop. Eye anatomy showing blurred vision as a result of cataracts.

Peak visual performance occurs around age 19. As we age, our vision declines, especially in low-light situations. Cataracts make this problem worse by causing the eye’s natural lens to become cloudy or yellow, preventing light rays from properly focusing inside the eye. This video demonstrates how cataracts impact your vision.

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Symptoms may include hazy or blurred vision, faded colors, sensitivity to light and the need for stronger glasses. If left untreated, cataracts will cause vision to deteriorate over time.