What are Dry Eyes?

Dry eyes can occur when tears evaporate too fast, or if the eyes syndicate fewer tears. It's common in humans and in certain animals. It can discomfort one or both eyes, and it may lead to inflammation. You may experience this condition in some cases: in an air-conditioned space, on an airplane, while driving a bike or after working on a laptop for a few hours.

Dry eye syndrome or dry eye disease (DED) can manifest at any age and otherwise healthful people. It's more common with older age when the individual generates fewer tears. Also, it’s more represented in women than in men.

This comprehensive overview will cover symptoms, causes, risk factors, natural cures, medications, and treatment options.

Does Drinking Water Help Dry Eyes?

Yes, because water is pivotal in keeping your body functioning adequately, not excluding eye health. Keep your eyes hydrated by drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day in addition to the liquid that's absorbed by the foods you consume.

Best Dry Eye Treatment in Torrance, CA

Dry eyes can be more than just irritating. Dr. Oyakawa offers highly effective dry eyes treatment in Torrance, CA that will finally get your eyes back again.

To evaluate your dry eyes, and get a specific diagnosis, schedule a comprehensive exam today. These exams will detect causes and symptoms. Our ophthalmologist will then be able to suggest the appropriate treatment based on the route of your problems.

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