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Collection and use of personal information

Personal information collected includes your name and email address and any additional information you provide when contacting us via email. This is solely for the purpose of replying to information you may have requested.

In addition, aggregate information cannot be tracked back to the visitor. We know how often our site and certain portions are visited. This tracking is for making decisions on how and where to improve our site. We will collect domain names (e.g., or, referral data (e.g., address of the last URL you visited prior to our website), and browser platform (e.g. Netscape). Such queries are tracked for analysis of traffic flows to our site.

Diffusion of Information to Third Parties

SVC will not share, loan, or sell your personal information with any third parties. Authorization is required by law to disburse personal information. SVC may provide aggregate information to third parties, which does not include your personal information.